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Dr. Bodyguard (Oct '03)
Someone is after Dr. Genie Watson's genetic research. Her lab is broken into and her life threatened. Gorgeous hunk Dr. Nick Wellington, her rival in an ongoing turf battle, is inexplicably drawn to his opponent when trouble reveals her vulnerability. As they team up to find the answers, they realize their assumptions about one another could be wrong ... or are they?
Below is a chronological list of my Harlequin Intrigues. Some of the oldest titles are currently out of print, but they should be available soon as e-books. Stay tuned for more!
Secret Witness (Mar '04)- an RT Reviewers' Choice nominee!
Lab technician Stephanie Alberts is terrified. A crazed killer wants her to falsify important DNA evidence--or else. Stephanie can comply with his demands...or she can do what she'd vowed never to do again: trust a man. Detective Reid Peters is hell-bent on protecting Stephanie and her daughter, but their stolen kisses between are a dangerous distraction. Dare she hope that he can offer her and her lonely little girl what they need most?
Intensive Care (Aug '04)

When one of Dr. Ripley Davis' patients dies, the deceased woman's distraught husband attacks her, ranting that Ripley, the head of radiation oncology, murdered his wife. Zachary Cage, the new radiation safety officer, takes the claim seriously. An investigation uncovers more deaths ... and as passion builds between them, Zach must determine whether Ripley is dangerous or in danger herself!
Body Search (Dec '04)- a RITA nominee!

A deadly outbreak of shellfish poisoning sends Dr. Tansy Whitmore and her ex-lover, Dr. Dale Metcalf, to Lobster Island. Although working together promises heartache, the two are desperate to halt the spiraling deaths on the destitute island where Dale was born. Their life-saving mission gets off to a terrifying start, however, when their plane mysteriously crashes. A series of near-fatal accidents follows, and Tansy and Dale begin to suspect that someone wants them off the island—or dead.
Covert M.D. (Mar '05)

When pharmaceuticals and hospital supplies begin disappearing from the transplant unit of Boston General, Dr. Nia French eagerly agrees to investigate. Her enthusiasm dims, however, when she finds herself partnered with Dr. Rathe McKay. Seven years ago, Nia gave her heart and her innocence to Rathe, only to have him walk away when she needed him the most. Now the two must put their past behind them—at least long enough to catch a thief turned murderer.
The Sheriff's Daughter (Jun '05)

When a hail of bullets rains down on Samantha and her brooding, secretive tenant, Dr. Logan Hart, she suspects he has something to hide. She demands answers from this dangerously handsome M.D., and he reveals his secret: While under-cover, Logan gathered evidence against a murderous crime boss who was dealing in illegal prescription drugs. Now, because he is a witness in the upcoming trial, Logan is a target—and Samantha's in the crossfire!
Bullseye (Sept '05)- a national bestseller!
Part of the Big Sky Bounty Hunters multi-author miniseries

Special agent Isabella Gray needs bounty hunter Jacob's help after the Secretary of Defense's family is abducted while under her protection. Even though Jacob broke her heart years ago, Isabella believes his expertise makes him her best shot at finding the kidnapped family. When they discover the kidnappers' connection to domestic terrorism, Isabella and Jacob scramble to rescue the victims and stop the terrorists before they go global.
Ricochet (Jan '06)
A Bear Claw Crime Lab novel

Women are disappearing in Bear Claw Creek, and when criminalist Alissa Wyatt and cop Tucker McDermott try to find out what's going on, they become the targets of a killer's vengeance. While their investigation continues, the two dance around the attraction that sparks between them as they try to stay alive.
At Close Range (Apr '06)
A Bear Claw Crime Lab novel

Territorial forensics expert Cassie Dumont is sifting through the evidence to find a serial killer before another woman dies. She's furious when FBI forensics expert Seth Varitek is called in. But when Cassie is attacked, Seth becomes her protector--and lover--as they race to solve the case.
Rapid Fire (Jul '06)- a national bestseller!
A Bear Claw Crime Lab novel

Criminal profiler Maya Cooper is on suspension from her forensics lab after shooting a suspect, though she can't remember what happened. When her former academy instructor, Thorne Coleridge, is called in to track down a serial killer, the two clash and burn as the murderer targets Maya.
Red Alert (Oct '06)

Researcher Megan Corning has developed a non-invasive procedure to diagnose birth defects, but Erik Falco is more interested in the subsidiary benefits. The industrialist ex-cop hopes to find a cure for the debilitating injuries that have sidelined him. Megan's not ready to hand over her research, but when several attempts nearly kill both of them, she wonders who wants her project badly enough to see her dead.
Under the Microscope (Jan '07)

Three years ago, Raine Montgomery fled Max Vasek at the worst moment of her life. Now she's drawing him back into her life during her latest crisis. Will he ever learn? Raine needs Max to find out if the drug her company released is responsible for the deaths of several women. Is there something wrong with it, or is Raine being set up for a major fall?
Prescription Makeover (Apr '07)

Totally outrageous Ike Rombout has never been good at teamwork, but nowshe finds herself partnered with detective William Caine to find out who killed her boyfriend. By-the-book William doesn't want to be attracted to Ike as she takes on an undercover assignment to find out if
a mysterious group called the Nine is responsible ... but he is.
Classified Baby (Aug '07)- a national bestseller!
Part of the Bodyguards Unlimited multi-author miniseries

Nicole Benedict needs to tell Ethan Moore that he's going to be a father, but somebody blows the elevator she's riding up to his office. Ethan rescues her and the two, along with the surviving members of Prescott Personal Securities, go on the run. At the same time, they are trying to find the mastermind of an illegal land deal.
Meet me at Midnight (Sept '07)
Part of the Lights Out! multi-author miniseries

Secret Service agent Ty Jones has until midnight to find a traitor, but the only person he can rely on may be the one woman he can't trust. As a madman's scheme for revenge closes around them, Gabriella Solaro and Ty race through the streets of Boston, following the clues and battling their attraction, until the explosive finish.
Doctor's Orders (Jan '08)

When a patient dies without any apparent cause, emergency room doctors -- and former lovers -- Mandy Sparks and Parker Radcliff start hunting for the cause. When they discover a scientist at a nearby drug-research facility has been experimenting on human guinea pigs, Parker must race to save Mandy and bring the crazed researcher to justice.
Twin Targets (May '08)

Trying to help her dying twin sister, scientist Sydney Westlake agrees to work for a man she soon discovers is a monster with designs on her project. Suspicious FBI agent John Sharpe rescues the fleeing Sydney, but he's not sure he believes she's innocent. Soon, though, John's not only fighting the potential terrorist but his own attraction to a possible suspect.
With the M.D. ... at the Altar? (Jun '08)

As a mysterious disease sweeps her isolated Maine seaport town, Dr. Roxanne Peterson sends out a distress call to the CDC, even if it might mean seeing ex-fiance -- and hotshot troubleshooter -- Luke Freeman. As patients begin to die and others become murderous, Luke and Roxy battle the disease ... and their growing attracton.
Manhunt in the Wild West (Oct '08)

Mild-mannered Chelsea Swan finds herself living in a spy story when undercover agent Jonah Fairfax appears in her life. He saves her from the bad guys the first time around, but can he keep her alive long enough to unfreeze his heart?
Snowed in with the Boss (Mar '09)- an RT Reviewers' Choice Nominee and national bestseller

It was supposed to be just a quick stop for millionaire Griffin Vaughn and his secretary Sophie LaRue. But after a blizzard and a bridge collapse strand them in his isolated mansion it's a matter of survival, not only from the elements but also from vicious killers and a mob boss reputed to be hiding out in the mountains.
Mountain Investigation (Jul '09)- an RT Top Pick!
A Bear Claw Crime Lab novel

Michael Grayson never believed that Mariah Shore knew nothing about her terrorist husband's activities. Mariah's greatest fear is realized when her husband escapes from prison and comes after her. She's ready to do whatever the FBI wants -- as long as the man who hates her husband the most, Gray, is willing to play bodyguard.
Internal affairs (Oct '09)
A Bear Claw Crime Lab novel

Dr. Sara Whitney had stood over the grave of Detective Romo Sampson, mourning her ex-lover ... then finds him bleeding on her kitchen floor. Romo followed instinct to Sara's door, but his memory of her, and everything in his life, is gone. Is he the renegade traitor everyone thinks, or an undercover operative with valuable secrets?
Bear Claw Conspiracy (May '11)- an RT Top Pick!
A Bear Claw Crime Lab novel

Park ranger Matt Blackthorn is a former SWAT leader burned out from seeing too many deaths, but when one of his rangers is assaulted, Matt jumps into the action. Gigi Lynd is an unorthodox CSI with big career ambitions and no time for a serious relationship. As the investigation takes off, the danger escalates and Matt and Gigi become the targets!.

Hot on the trail of a ruthless underground drug ring, homicide detective Jack Williams won't let anything interfere with his hunt. Not the dead-end leads, not the danger. And especially not being pulled off his case to protect Dr. Tori Bay.

He can handle guarding a beautiful scientist who plays by her own rules. And as a showdown with the enemy quickly approaches, it'll take all his professional skills to ignore some very personal impulses.…
Bear Claw Bodyguard (Dec '11)
A Bear Claw Crime Lab novel

Hot on the trail of a ruthless  drug ring, detective Jack Williams won't let anything interfere- especially not Dr. Tori Bay. He can handle guarding the beautiful scientist, but keeping her out of his arms is a challenge he hadn't expected...

When DEA agent Nick Lang came to town, even the toughest cases got closed. But his latest had become way too personal. He'd thought CSI Jennifer Prynne was just another no-strings fling, until a serial killer's attack left her battered, bruised and struggling to remember her past. Now, as the key to the entire case they'd been investigating for months, Jenn's safety became Nick's responsibility. He knew the murderer's identity was buried deep in Jenn's mind, but releasing it was dangerous-yet necessary. The old Nick was an expert at getting answers and moving on. ...