A Skykeepers sighting in Alaska!
One of the best ways I know to work out a plot problem ... go do something else!Me and JR Ward at The Bookstore in Radcliffe KY :)Me (kind of buried in the middle there) and my peeps at the CT Fiction Fest 2011! The cover of Romantic Times Magazine, June '08, when Nightkeepers launched!The New Jersey Romance Writers put on a great conference!Me rocking the long hair (and the farmers' tan) a few years ago, mugging with longtime friend and awesome Harlequin author Barbara Tanner Wallace.Me and reader-turned-friend Gail at RWA national 2010 in OrlandoLooking for trouble in Orlando. Don't worry ... we found it!Hanging at a Suz Brockmann signing in Massachusetts with some awesome writerfriends.At the OMG crowded literacy signing at the RWA national convention 2011, in NYC. People stood in line for *hours* to get in!My feline muse, Lucy T. Cat, who can always be counted on for rodents and comic relief :)Signing in KY with the fabulous JR WardAnother from the KY signing for Demonkeepers :)If you've wondered who the guy in the pictures is ... he's now Mr. Doc Jess ;-)Thanks to my writer and reader friends who helped me celebrate!Signing with JR Ward in beautiful Saratoga, complete with security (the tough looking guys in red and black!).More from Saratoga. There were a couple hundred Ward fans in line, so Mr. Doc Jess (perhaps wisely) decided against trying for a better camera angle- lol.
Here are a few pics with captions (mouse over each photo to see). I'd love to get more, along with photos of my books at various locations and in various compromising (or not) situations ... so if you want to take a photo and email it to me (as a .jpeg, please), with or without a caption and your name if you want credit, I'll see about putting it up!!

{Ahem-- I reserve the right to not post things that are *too* compromising ... but will enjoy the giggle.}